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Villosophy is a powerful tool for Property Managers of Vacation Rentals. We help property managers improve operational efficiency while significantly enhancing the Guest Experience. The guest experience is driving all our efforts in turning a holiday experience into an experience to last a lifetime. Guests are not easily impressed. We are creating the tools for holiday makers to become more personal with their guests. Each guest has different needs and expectations from their holidays. Villosophy will address that need.

What is Villosophy

How will Villosophy improve
the Guest Experience?

Guest Profiling

Be better prepared. Hosts need to be better prepared for their guests. Hosts usually have no idea who has done the reservation, so don’t know what to do to be better prepared & surprise their guests.
We want to change this.


hospitalityHospitality is NOT
a one-size-fits-all service

Villosophy will engage on those activities that follow the creation of the reservation. We are happy that a reservation is created (however or wherever it was created) and will make sure these guests’ expectations are not just met – but exceeded.

This need is emerging stronger in younger generations (i.e. Millennials) and they are demanding more personalized service and more technology in this process.

The guest experience is not determined just from the accommodation. The destination (in general) plays an important part in creating a life lasting holiday experience.

Villosophy will provide a tool to help hospitality professionals encourage their guests to focus on the positive elements of the destination and avoid its negative aspects (and every destination in the world has both)!


Property Management System

The PMS is the heart of our system. This is where all information is stored and managed. Property Managers manage all vital data in a simple and efficient manner:
• Properties
• Messaging area for everyone involved (SMS, email or Push Notifications) • Area Guide with recommendations curated by the property manager
• Analytics & Reporting



Guest App

• Villa Manual: Everything you need to know about the property you are staying in (Villa Rules, Parking, Wi-Fi code, Children & Pet instructions, Lighting instructions etc), Map & Driving instructions (Google Map integration).
• Personalized Destination Guide / Travel Specific Advice & Content curated by the Property manager: Thisngs To Do, Food, Drink, Local Info, In Case of Emergency
• Messaging Area: Welcome messages (a great way to give guest specific instructions about Check In ), Room ready Alerts, Improve communication (Hello, is everything OK today? Don’t miss this event tomorrow….), Proactive Outreach (If a problem appears, handle it in the early stage – before it becomes a complaint), Intelligent Auto responders (message or email)
• Concierge Services: Enhance the services offered to your Guest, Improve your revenue
• Analytics (An invaluable tool to better understand our guests)

Owner App

The Owner App is a mobile application to help the Property Manager coordinate a range of activities related with the Property Management business in order to improve his operational efficiency.

Examples include Check-In/-Out notifications, Maintenance Alerts, Checklists for various tasks, in an intuitive and easy to use user interface. All recorded activities help manage relevant costs as well as provide helpful insights in the seamless operation of actively rented properties.

Our vision of the Owner App. includes implementation of smart devices (IoT) such as smart door locks, lighting, and heating. In essence we want to give the property manager the flexibility to remotely control door access codes, lights and heating of the property, enabling mobile check in services, prepare property before guest arrival, control energy consumption costs, and a lot more.


The Team


George Zachartzis

The Villosopher & CEO


Gabriel Bozionelos

Creative Director


Thomas Kiourtsis

Creative Director

Our Pricelist

The Enterprise Plan (will become available by Dec.2016.) Is great for those accounts requiring more scale or a custom implementation. If you have multiple offices across geographic regions, or who desire a completely customized application for their business, you should email us today to explore the Enterprise Plan or give us a call at +30 6932304044

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